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I've only been listening to tigusa for about seven months now, and I've already seen him get banned from YouTube twice three times (;_;). This is the FIFTH SIXTH time it's happened since he started posting ASMR videos. After some of my absolute favorite content got wiped out this Halloween, I decided I needed to save his work so that in the (very likely) chance this happens again, it will still be available!!

I have compiled a Google Drive to collect all of his content. This includes a large selection of older ASMR videos no longer available (rescued from somebody's smart decision to save tigusa's channel on the Wayback Machine!) as well as anything current he posts on YouTube.

Click here to access the Google Drive archive.

The content in the Drive is split into folders: ASMR, Let's Plays, song covers, and misc. videos. Most of tigusa's ASMR work is NSFW, so know that in advance! Please proceed with discretion!

I will continue to save his new videos every time he uploads. Please note that some files may be removed if they are uploaded to Booth! I will not offer downloads for any of his audios available for sale, only the free ones he has not officially released!

Thank you for understanding, and please enjoy! Eventually I will add a guide for the files available in the archive, like the one for the files on Booth.

Current project: saving the content on the Dekotsui channel, looking for archived content, and creating a file guide!!

Current archive size: 5.3 GB / 15 GB
Public ASMR videos archived: 73
Approximate runtime (total): Calculation in progress!!