Another upload!! (Link) I noticed it as soon as I woke up this morning, but I had to go to work, so I couldn't archive it until I got home, lol. I didn't do much after work, mostly just chilled. I'll try to get at least a little bit of transcribing done tonight before bed. I'm about 2/3 of the way done with the first file I had started, but it's a Booth exclusive, so I'll pick a free one to work on next.

That's it for tonight really!! Very kind of lazy day, honestly. That's okay every once in a while though. It's important not to force yourself to work on your hobbies or projects to the point where they aren't fun anymore. If you're reading this, make sure you're being kind to yourself!



Once again there's a new upload! It looks like tigusa has removed his gaming videos (four are available in the archive!) and changed his sub channel back into an ASMR channel. My guess is that it will remain fully SFW, or that if he does post NSFW content there again, it won't be for several months. I also realized there's a few videos I forgot to save on that channel, so I'll take care of that today.

The new video is here! It's just a few minutes long! I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm sure I'll get around to it. It's already saved as well!

I'll probably keep transcribing today, and maybe figure out what backgrounds I want for the site!



I found a free, online transcription website that has LITERALLY changed my life. I've only been using it for maybe 15 minutes so far but it's a godsend. Before I was trying to bounce between my computer's built-in audio player and Google Docs and lamenting my life choices... but now I am legit excited and confident about the opportunity to translate tigusa's videos!!

It's called otranscribe and the interface is sooo nice... I've already gotten like three whole minutes copied down. This is SO much faster than I was moving before!! I'm so excited aaaaaa!!! It allows for both audio/video to be uploades, slowing down or speeding up, repeating, everything I was needing!! God IS real you guys!!!!!

Time to get back to work!! If you ever need to transcribe or subtitle something, I HIGHLY recommend checking this site out!



A new video got uploaded!!

It's an hour-long study session accompaniment, hehe!! It's posted on tigusa's sub account and it's completely SFW, so hopefully that means it'll stick around for a while! That being said, I've already saved it just in case!

I'm listening to it right now! It's much closer to actual ASMR than what he usually does. It's very sweet and atmospheric! It really does feel like a really productive study date ^w^ I could imagine getting a lot of work done listening to this ❤ It's mostly typing and drinking sounds, but it really does make me feel like I'm close with someone in a cozy room while it's cold outside, and we're together while we work diligently on what we need to get done ❤❤

I also listened to one of his archived YT videos last night that I hadn't heard before, and,,,, wow!! (That's a polite way of putting it lol!!) I will work more on archiving today so I can start a file list soon! >w<



STILL archiving......!! I am so glad that there's this much content to save but at the same time, like... I didn't realize there was this much, you know?? Like, I've only saved maybe seven or eight more videos tonight but, that's hours of content. My tigusa-only Drive is at 3.8G right now, LOL. But I wanna say I'm like, 45% done, so hopefully I'll have enough space. The files seem to be getting bigger as I get into older videos, though... eek!!! Crossing my fingers. If worst comes to worst I can just move the Booth files elsewhere, since they weren't going to be public anyway.

Does anybody even read my blogs?? I know I do, lol. I go back and read my own entries every few days just to see what was on my mind. I do the same thing with whatever new pages I've added. I like my own site and I think it's neat :)

I spent my entire lunch break today watching competitive Puyo Puyo Tetris videos. And then I came home and played Tetris. At this rate I ought to make some Tetris blinkies. Tigusa who?? This is now a PPT fansite. (JK lol.)



It's the ninth already... time sure flies by huh!! I don't really know if that's good or bad... but it's weird to think about!

I think I need to loosen up a little bit in these blog entries, because I made this site with the intent that I could gush about tigusa all I wanted and not feel embarrassed about it. So... here I go, I guess!!

.......I love tigusa a lot!!!!! Literally, like, when I listened to his audios for the first time, I was floored, because I love his voice and his content has a lot of tropes that I really like and I hadn't really been able to find prior! So I was basically hooked right away, lol!! I really really hope that this site might introduce people to his content, and that they'll support him, and find some use and enjoyment from this site... and then I can have people to talk to about tigusa LOL!! That's been my evil plan all along, I won't pretend like it's not! Please give him your patronage X'DD

NAH, but for real... he just makes me really happy! I am so excited to see how his popularity grows and how he improves in singing and what else he'll do! I want to support him all the way!!

I actually haven't been listening to him all that much lately...! I have been focused on translating, so listening to him felt a little stressful instead of nice and relaxing like usual. I think I'll pick a nice file I haven't listened to that many times and try to just relax tonight. I can even find something from the archive that I haven't heard in months!!

Aaaaaaa I am manifesting more fans!! For his sake and mine too!! Tigusa rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I bought a 10,000 yen PSN card today and picked up some Japanese games for my PS3. It was a weird splurge purchase, but I am actually really excited! I got The Idolmaster: One For All, Project Diva F 2nd, and Puyo Puyo Tetris. I hope playing them will help with my immersion and maybe help my comprehension when it comes to listening and writing, lol!

I've never played an Idolmaster game before, but I looked up some info and people recommended this one. I decided to produce Makoto for my individual idol! I only played for a bit, but it's definitely engaging! Puyo Puyo Tetris is SO much fun, and Project Diva is unexpectedly,,, difficult lol, compared to Project Mirai DX on the 3DS. Nothing major on the news front today, just gamer moments!!



Well, I woke up this morning to check tigusa's new channel for a new video, and he's already been banned again... I think one month is the shortest amount of time it's ever taken, oof. Glad I saved the few videos he was able to post. I will not be caught off guard again!! X'D

Might figure out a blog archive today and keep working on video archiving. Not much to say today! I hope you all have a nice day!



I listened to tigusa again a little bit this morning! And he's posted another scene to his ASMR channel. Already saved in the archive!

I cleaned up the code on EVERY page and made more efficient use of my style sheet! I'm sure it's still not perfect, but it looks and feels a heck of a lot better in my text editor (Microsoft Web Expression 4, in case anyone was wondering X'D). I also started a summary page for one of my fave Booth files. I will likely be working on those more soon.

In non-tigusa news (unbelievable, I know), I also worked more today on cataloguing my Yu-Gi-Oh card collection. I'm probably about 65-70% done by now. I am addicted to spreadsheets and the like, I swear, lol.

Soon I'll probably move these older blog posts into a blog archive page. Reminding myself!

It's almost 2 am now so I'll go to bed, LOL.


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