This page has been empty for too long, lol...!!!

I definitely want to transate tigusa's work so that more people can enjoy it, but it is slow going!! In addition to having Responsibilities TM, I am still learning Japanese and my listening comprehension is not the best! I have to listen to his audios and try to copy everything down myself, since there are no transcripts. So it's a lot of work!!

This isn't a complaint though! I am doing it because I really want to! But I've felt guilty having 'English Translations' be the only button on my site without a link for a month... I figured I could at least add a page explaining the... absence of a page, lol!!

I will keep working on translations when I have time. Maybe one day I will even have one done (unbelievable!!). And I will even add a fancy little updates box right here so I feel like I'm accomplishing something until I post a finished TL, haha!


Found a new interface for transcription!
Currenly at 30 minutes (68%!!)

Transcript at 17 minutes (38%)


Transcript at about 12 min (27%)